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Pick Ric 4 Riverbank City Council!

I’m Ric McGinnis and I’m running for a seat on the Riverbank City Council.

I’m the ONLY candidate with the experience necessary to solve the problems  which have brought such a black stain upon our community.

I’m the ONLY candidate with the experience to take our city of INACTION and return it to the City of Action once more.

I’m the ONLY candidate who has experience serving on the city council, making the tough decisions. Those tough decisions will be required again to return things to normal here.

I’m a candidate with experience with community organizations that ALREADY make a difference in the quality of life here in Riverbank.

This adds up to many, many years of experience! Working WITH and FOR the voters and citizens and businesses — both from inside AND outside city government. Right here, in Riverbank!

This experience allows me to help guide the present and form the future of our city. We’ve learned that we can’t help Riverbank’s progress happen by boycotting meetings and refusing to vote on issues.

I can work CO-OPERATIVELY with citizens, with city staff, the Mayor and other Council members, and with other local and state governmental entities. We can get things done for the City of Riverbank.

Sure, present day economics — high unemployment and low property values — make it difficult to solve today’s problems with the funds available, but we’ve got to find a way to do it. We can work TOGETHER to make it happen.

We’ve got to eliminate the contention and bitterness that have become the norm in the present day conduct of the city’s business. This animosity leads to bad decisions and mistakes that can create problems that will take years to solve.

Pick Ric! For more business and less acrimony at Council Meetings.

Pick Ric! For maturity and good judgement.

Pick Ric! For Competence, Courage and Character.

     . . . The Competence that comes from years of experience;

     . . . The Courage to answer the hard questions and solve the city’s problems;

     . . . The Character that is required to make prudent decisions.

Pick Ric!

For better decisions, BETTER government and a BETTER Riverbank.

Pick Ric McGinnis for Riverbank City Council